Metal CFDs

Trade precious metals as "safe-haven" assets with BCR. We offer the most competitive spread for Gold from 0.03.

What Makes Precious Metals Popular?

Precious Metals like Gold and Silver, valued for centuries as stores of value, possess intrinsic worth and resist inflationary pressures unlike fiat currencies.

They also diversify portfolios, with their low correlation to stocks and bonds serving as a hedge against market volatility and decreasing overall risk.


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Why Trade Metals with BCR

Gold Silver Platinum

Access the most trending CFD products from one BCR account.

Up to 400:1 Leverage

Maximize your trading potential with BCR's high leverage of up to 400:1

Spreads from 0.0+ pips

You can enjoy a consistent trading experience with BCR as it ensures that you always receive the best spreads available.

Welcome to All Strategies

BCR offers the best environment to help you reach your full potential, whether you're a intra-day trader, news trader, or EA trader.

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Thanks to our deep liquidity pool and lightning-fast execution speeds, you can rest assured that you will never miss out on trades due to rejections or delays.

Trusted & Regulated Broker

Trade with confidence, knowing that BCR is regulated by multiple leading financial authorities worldwide.

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